WordPress Mayhem

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Worms of War

So I am away from a decent broadband connection for the first time in probably five years and the internet implodes. Or more accurately the WordPress driven parts of it. By now you know (and if you don’t, it hopefully didn’t affect you) that a big ol’ worm has been wreaking havoc with older WordPress installations. The community was abuzz and atizzy for the past few days, but the short of it is that it was no big deal and everyone is up and running as usual.

Making Lemonade

Some nice side effects of this whole affair:

  • People were compelled to bring their WordPress installations up to date
  • People were motivated to install back-up plugins
  • Prompted me to investigate other blogging systems which led to the discovery of some quite interesting tools such as Posterous which may be the simplest blog I’ve ever seen. There is no interface. You email your posts and it sorts out all your stuff and presents it nicely. Nobody will confuse it with a feature-rich blog, but if you just want to put stuff on the internet it is fantastically easy to use.

In the end it took more time to read up on things than to apply the fixes. I guess people like to panic.