Villainology - Arthur Slade - Derek MahVillainology

Fabulous Lives of the Big, the Bad, and the Wicked

Tundra, 2007
Arthur Slade
Digital, 2475 x 3375px
Original Dimensions

Includes 15 painted portraits, 30 spot illustrations, and a villainous line-up.

“Arthur Slade gets kid humor… children will huff and puff with laughter… Derek Mah’s illustrations are scarily playful… [with a] vivacity and delicious strangeness. Highly Recommended”

Shannon Ozirny – CM Magazine

“Think you know your villains? If you’re a little shaky on your evildoers, Villainology offers chills and thrills but mostly giggles.”

Deborah Wiles – Chronicle Herald

“Perfect for the preteen who prefers his or her humour both dark and silly at the same time!”

Calgary Herald




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