A collection of prototypes, personal projects, and mini-sites

These are all microsites built to support projects that I’ve worked on. Going forward, I’ll probably put this sort of thing into a blog.

Quicktour Portfolio of Derek MahQuicktour Portfolio

An overview of the kinds of work I have done in recent times.

Villainology by Arthur Slade and Derek MahVillainology.com

The official website of Monsterology and its follow-up, Villainology.

ConVersion XX - Comics Jam ResultsConVersion XX Comics Jam Results

This was the first year ConVersion hosted a comics jam. Despite a mad scramble to acquire the requisite paper, pencils and pens at the last minute, it all turned out great.

Creating the allosaurus with Brian CooleyDinodome!

Spent a week helping Brian Cooley and his crew finish up modeling a set of life-size dinosaurs.