Anime-o-matic by Derek MahAnime-o-matic

Character Builder

Customize your own character! More than 23 million different combinations. Select the dice for a random face. This demo requires the largest possible screen:

Launch Anime-o-matic its own window

This was an experiment in early flash scripting built in Flash 4 wa-a-a-ay back in 2001. It was also an excuse to try my hand at the anime style of art that was getting increasing acceptance and recognition in North America.

I never got around to adding an instructions pane, though I imagine you can figure most of it out. Click any element in a globe to swap it onto our character. The dice globe is a randomizer. The eye and mouth globes near the dice globe can be clicked for a blink or talk animation and can be scrubbed for a stronger animation.

FLASH DISCLAIMER: as web standards move forward, there is an increasing chance these flash samples will simply stop functioning. When that happens, these samples will likely come down and we will turn the page on what was once such a promising technology.