Thanks to all the contributors who took part in this year's Jam! You rock! Please let us know what we can do to make next year's event even better. Yes, we already know about the splintery tables...
A special thanks to Andrew Foley, the man behind the madness, for organizing everything and graciously supplying the art materials. It may sound like a cliché, but the Jam simply would not happen without Andrew.
Tiina Andreakos
Elfwood Gallery
I am a full time graphic designer who likes to spend some of my spare time dabbling in fantasy world. I especially like the modern interpretation of classical myths and its relevance on our fast paced, cynical sound byte culture. I enjoy not only high fantasy, like Tolkien, but also the humourous interpretation, (ie Terry Pratchett or Xena). I am intrigued by the unseen and the murky, and how it manifests itself topside. I also believe that my cat is the most intelligent entity on the planet.
Jim Beveridge
Jim's Website
I was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and have been drawing for most of my life. In the fall of '77 I migrated to Edmonton, Alberta and set about making a niche for myself here. Having lived in the cacophonic cauldron of Toronto, the life here is so much more enjoyable. From the nightlife to the nature - it's got it all!
Laurie Breitkreuz
Along side producing Issue #2 of A MONK'S TALE, I am also developing a mini-comic as well as working on an animated short film called TICK TALK, which I hope to have finished by the end of the year.
Andrew Foley
Andrew Foley is much more comfortable writing than drawing. His first two graphic novels, AGE OF KINGS, illustrated by Russell Hossain, and PARTING WAYS, with art by Scott Mooney and Nick Craine, should be on the shelves sometime in the next year or so, knock on wood. Buying either (or better still, both) will have an appreciable effect on lowering the crime rate in Andrew's neighbourhood.
Kandrix Foong
Calgary artist and writer and one half of the creative team behind the four part mini-series "A Monk's Tale".
Adrian Kleinbergen
Adrian's Website
Calgary Comics Writer & Artist. Adrian is an artist/writer/poet and a frequent guest at Con-Version.
Lyra Logan
Lyra Inverse Online
Lyra is an up and coming Calgary artist. In her own words, "I prefer to dabble in fantasy art, and I'm trying everyday to improve."
Derek Mah
Award winning designer and illustrator Derek Mah has worked in comics, books, games and advertising and now serves an international clientele from his Calgary studio. His original paintings can be found in corporate and private collections.
Steve Swanson
A shadowy man from a shadowy planet. Very little is known about Steve. Claims to have coined the phrase, "No gumbo for me, Mr. Chesney!"